Finance professionals are often forced to be the bad guy, which can lead to some uncomfortable conversations with employees about business purchases. On this show, we sit down with finance leaders to discuss their most awkward conversations, and what they’ve learned throughout their careers.

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Lessons Learned with David Lapter

David Lapter, CFO of Dashlane, recounts the highs and lows of his career and the lessons he learned along the wayTeampay brings all your company spend into one streaml...

Planning Your Future Career in Finance

Peter talks with Dan Fletcher about how he went from an accountant to a CFO, the types of conversations CFO's should be having with employees, as well as what it's lik...

Checking All The Boxes with Naeem Ishaq

Naeem shares what it's like being the CFO at a fast growing tech company, Checkr, as well as his experience working at Square during it's IPO.

The Intersection of Art and Finance with Nigel Glenday

How do art and finance blend together? Listen to Nigel Glenday, CFO of Masterworks, as he tells his story and how Masterworks is opening up a new asset class for more ...

Comedic Fraud with Greg Kyte

Teampay COO Peter Nesbitt talks to CPA Greg Kyte about standup comedy, cartoons, and fraud - including an awkward conversation Greg had when he found out the man who h...

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